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Full Review & Edit Service

One of our expert consultants will review your draft Personal Statement and offer detailed feedback on its strengths and weaknesses, ideal if you want reassurance that your ‘finished' Personal Statement is ‘good to go’ before you submit it. £60

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Additional Review & Edit Service

If you have already purchased a Full Review and Edit from us this service allows you to re-submit your revised draft to us for a further review at a competitively discounted rate. £50

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University Specific Review & Edit Service

A small number of universities may ask you to complete a brief statement in support of your application to a specific course. We can help you make the most of this important opportunity. £50

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Common Personal Statement Pitfalls

Common PitfallsTry to keep your language concise, ensuring good grammar and syntax at all times. Not only will that help your Statement flow and read well, it will also help you meet the character count.

Try to avoid being deliberately controversial or provocative since it risks alienating the reader. Sweeping generalisations and unsupported assertions are a recipe for disaster. Always ensure points made are supported by evidence e.g. don’t just say what book you have read, but say what aspects you enjoyed or how it influenced your ideas and thinking.

Above all ensure your Personal Statement has a clear structure and that it addresses the key issues:

  1. Why do you wish to study your chosen subject and why do you find it interesting?
  2. What you have done, beyond you studies, to further your interests in, and understanding of, your chosen subject? This might include reading, research, open days, work experience etc.
  3. If relevant, why you wish to take a Gap year, and what your Gap year intentions are. This is particularly important if you are planning to study something professional or vocational and your year out involves preparatory placements e.g. working in industry prior to studying Engineering.
  4. Other things that are important to you in or out of school and that make you a well-rounded person.