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Full Review & Edit Service

One of our expert consultants will review your draft Personal Statement and offer detailed feedback on its strengths and weaknesses, ideal if you want reassurance that your ‘finished' Personal Statement is ‘good to go’ before you submit it. £60

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Additional Review & Edit Service

If you have already purchased a Full Review and Edit from us this service allows you to re-submit your revised draft to us for a further review at a competitively discounted rate. £50

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University Specific Review & Edit Service

A small number of universities may ask you to complete a brief statement in support of your application to a specific course. We can help you make the most of this important opportunity. £50

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Will an outstanding Personal Statement get me a place at university?

No, but it will help. University admissions tutors look at a range of factors when making offers; along with forecast grades, past academic achievement and the School reference, the Personal Statement is just one factor. However, because most universities do not routinely interview as part of their selection process, you should view your Personal Statement as a paper interview and an opportunity to showcase your suitability and aptitude for your chosen field of study. To that end a good Personal Statement will certainly help to tip the balance in your favour and can make all the difference between getting a place or not on a high demand course at an elite institution.

Why don’t you offer a Personal Statement writing service?

As practising teachers we cannot and will not write Personal Statements on behalf of students.

Instead, by offering our expertise, we can help you improve your own Personal Statement. By acting on this formative advice, you are the one making the improvements based upon the guidance and advice we offer. From beginning to end you are in control and it remains throughout the process your Personal Statement.

Remember, the ability to write a Personal Statements is an increasingly important skill; applying to university may be the first time you have to do it, but with many employers asking for similar statements in support of job applications, it is unlikely to be the last. That is why it is a good idea for you to develop these skills now. Helping you hone these skills is where Pinnacle comes in.

Why don’t you offer a dedicated package for Oxbridge applicants?

Because you must submit a common Personal Statement to all five universities you apply to via UCAS, it cannot be tailored just to Oxford or Cambridge. Instead, what you write must work universally; it should be excellent wherever you apply. In any event, students applying to Oxford and Cambridge are likely to be applying to other highly selective universities too, so making the right impression with their admissions staff is just as important.

What we do offer is a review and edit service for the Cambridge SAQ (Supplementary Application Questionnaire) which all Cambridge applicants must complete and which includes the opportunity to write a brief Personal Statement unique to Cambridge.

Some universities will allow you to submit an additional Personal Statement (often emailed directly to the admissions department) if you are applying for a course which is radically different from all the others you are applying for. We can help you with that too; please contact us for more information.

How long will the review of my draft Personal Statement take?

We aim to return your Personal Statement, complete with comments and suggestions, within five working days. However, at peak times this may take longer.

How many drafts will be required before I have an outstanding Personal Statement?

No two students are alike and nor are their Personal Statements; in many ways that’s what makes them ‘personal.’ For some students it may take just one attempt to get it right, for others many. That is why we have created a range of services which allow students the flexibility of buying the product that best suits their needs.